The Final Chapter

March 29th, 2010

Dear island guests,

Thank you for coming to our party! We had the most amazing time and are so very pleased that you all came and made it as special as it was.


We have one last request. It would be great if you could upload all the photos you took to a shared website so that everyone can view and take copies for themselves.

The website is called Divvyshot. Our photos are already available. You can create an account for free, and upload all your photos in one step. Just follow the sign up now link at the bottom of this page, then upload your photos to the same page by clicking the upload button (the box with the up arrow on it).

A Parting Gift

We also have something for you. As you all know, we played the Thai High Five songs that were sent through during our boat party, on the boat the following day (for those that came) and at the Laem Yai Huts during the following days (for those of you still there).

Before we left the island we gave Law at Laem Yai Huts our
iPod containing the Thai High Fives. Now, for years to come, the sounds of all of us will play out over the sand and water of Koh Samet.

Matt & Jacinta

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Your Thai High Fives

March 29th, 2010

As promised, here are the songs you all sent through for your Thai High Fives.

It’s a pretty strange mix, but made for perfect party music. Thank you for all your selections. Read more…

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Thai High Five

February 14th, 2010